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Our services.


We've always been frustrated that nobody has pricing anywhere on their website for services, so we decided to agonize over the details and put a price on just about everything we could.

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Advertising Media Management

We can handle advertising budgets of all shapes and sizes, and we'll customize a plan that's right for your business--no cookie cutter media plans. 

What channels? All of them!


What are the fees?
For some ads we run, we just markup the number of impressions delivered, and for other ads, we get paid directly from the platforms. But in either case, you only write one check for your ad budgets, and we handle the rest. That means no retainers, no management fees, etc.

We send invoices in advance for the upcoming month and take care of all the legwork.

Social Media Management

From "community engagement" responding to comments on ads, to posting regularly on your social media accounts, we got you covered.

Starting at $1,000/month

We'll create the concepts, write the captions and post onto your accounts 8 times each month (2/week) for $1,000/month. (Includes "Community Engagement")

Note: This includes simple adjustments to images in Photoshop. If we're editing videos instead of images, the cost may be 2X what's quoted above, and if we're posting highly edited or produced images, the cost will be 2X as well. These costs are not set in stone, we just want to let you know what to expect.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you're trying to get ranked for specific keywords on Google, or just want to increase your online presence for your local business, we can help with that. 

Local business? Your online presence is critical on places like Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, TrustPilot, HomeAdvisor, etc. We'll get you squared away.


SEO Startup Cost


We will go through your website, make sure everything is organized correctly and being indexed on Google and Bing, and then go through all the platforms and directories your business should be on, and create the accounts, tie everything to your website.


SEO Monthly Cost


Each month, we will check your rankings on search engines, make tweaks to your pages, go through the reviews and photos posted on the directories like Yelp and Google My Business, and create a process with you to grow your presence and always pop up when people are looking.

Blogs & Content Marketing

This is not cheap, AI-created nonsense. Human beings don't want to read content written by a computer, and it doesn't help at all with SEO. (The search engines were the ones that created these AI platforms to begin with!)

We will come up with a long-term content strategy at the very beginning, so we have a plan and have a good idea of what's going to be written months down the road.

Starting at $600/month

Each month, we'll write one blog for your website for $600. These are ~1,000 words  or less, thoughtful, well-written, and comes with a long-term content strategy. 

Note: We will help manage your CRM, design email newsletter templates, and send out the content to your audience for free with 2+ posts/month. 

Specialty Content


PR Releases


We write PR releases with the goal of transforming mundane announcements into interesting stories that journalists want to write about, which turn readers into customers.

Because the types of press releases can vary so much, the cost may be more or less depending on what kind of press release we end up doing.


Brochures & Pamphlets


Yes, aesthetics are important, but we prioritize the psychological impact. Content first, making sure it's persuasive and worth a reader's attention. 

The actual cost may be more (or less) depending on the length, as well as the assets that are needed to make the brochure look great.


White Papers


Defined purpose, thorough research, in-depth structured content, and thoughtfully designed to make sure we keep the reader's attention from start to finish.

The vast majority of this cost goes into the research, outlining, and writing. But similar to brochures, if we need special assets to finish, the cost may be greater.

Image & Video Creation

Whether it's as simple as editing stock photos for social media posts, creating assets for your website, or putting together an on-location video shoot, we can handle it. 


Starting at $500/month

Each month we'll make 4-6 new unique image ads for paid ads or social media posts, emails, etc. We'll create them from existing assets you have, or stock images, illustrations or mockups we create, or photoshoots we end up doing. (This includes different sizes for different layouts & ad placements and a few "copy iterations".)


Starting at $1,000/month

Each month we'll make ~2 new video montages for paid ads or social media posts, emails, website, etc. We'll make them with existing assets you have, or stock videos, animations, whiteboard videos, or mockups we create, or video shoots we do.

Email, SMS, CRM & Automations

Whether you're publishing and emailing your blog posts to your audience, selling products via email, need complicated automations, or just building your list, we can help.

In case you're wondering, CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management" which is a fancy word for an email platform like Mailchimp, but there are many more platforms out there, and varying levels of complexity and automation based on your needs. 


Email Newsletter Setup


We will set up your account, mailing lists, newsletter process, and design your templates for you. 

Depending on how simple or comprehensive this is, the cost may be more or less.


CRM Automation Setup

$1,500 (tech only)

We'll connect your online forms, or build a process for offline data, and get it in your CRM, set up the automations for welcome emails or texts, and create flowcharts of when to send what to whom. (Does not include designs or content.)


CRM Automation + Design

$3,000 (+ content & design)

We'll set up your CRM and automations and we'll also create the content, write the emails and texts, design and layout the emails, and turn it on. (New customer flows, appointment confirmations, cart abandonment, etc.)

Website Design & Development

We're experts at designing modern, beautiful, and functional websites that don't break the bank. We'll make sure the website is easy to navigate, easy to read, and brings in new customers!

Depending on the job, we typically work with platforms like Wix or Webflow, but if there's a specific platform you'd like to have your website built on, we can make that happen.

Build Costs

Starting at $2,500

We'll build you a website with around 5 pages. Home page, about us, services, contact us, blog, etc. 

Note: These are starting prices, if we need to build more pages, we need to write lots of ad copy and verbiage, we need special images and videos for the website, the cost may go up.

Monthly Fees

For a small monthly fee, we'll manage your website for you, make updates when things change, make repairs when things break, and handle your storage and hosting. 


Static Website Management


The monthly fees include 2 hours each month to make any updates or changes.


Ecommerce & Fully Integrated


The monthly cost may be more depending on any the bells and whistles we have on the website.

Website Conversion Testing

Getting lots of traffic to your website but no sales, no calls, no leads, no business? We can help figure out what's going on, and start testing different ways to get things moving.

Note: Both our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Landing Page plans come with Google Analytics (GA4), Mixpanel, and Hotjar integrations for free.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


We will light up your website like a Christmas tree, track everything, and start to experiment with different layouts, flows, calls to action (CTAs), ad copy, imaging, colors, and more to improve the behavior and conversion rates on your website. 


Landing Page Design & A/B Testing


Need a special page just for a promotion you're running, or want to experiment with different sales and not put these on your main website? Landing pages are perfect for this. We can build a standalone webpage and do some testing, see what works.

Data, Analytics & Reporting

Whether you just need the basics like Google Analytics or want to get really fancy with heatmaps and session recordings on your website, user journey tracking in Mixpanel, or if you need fully automated reporting documents to track your ad spend and sales, we can do it.

Starting at $500

Retail stores have been studying customer behavior for decades, and you can do with heatmaps and session recordings so you can see exactly what they're doing. 

Want to see how people are actually engaging with your website? What are they looking at? What buttons are they clicking exactly? Where are they getting frustrated?

Conversion APIs

Third party cookies are going away, which means more challenges for digital marketing campaigns. Conversion APIs are extremely critical for figuring out which of your campaigns and advertising channels are the most effective at bringing you leads, sales, and real business.

Note: The startup costs may be higher or lower depending on the complexity of the projects.


Simple Conversion API


This is a relatively simple setup for us to build usually with web-based events like website actions, typically we can build these with "no code", or at least small amounts of code. We're sending conversion data from one place on the internet to another.


Advanced Conversion API


These are great for offline conversions or tracking in-app actions in certain ad channels that are usually off limits to apps (i.e. Google Search). If we have to write a lot of code, or logic, or create custom API endpoints, build user databases (or plug into your existing databases).

Monthly Fees


Heatmaps & Recording


These costs are waived if we're actively doing CRO or Landing Page testing.


Realtime Reporting


These costs are waived if we're actively managing ad spend on digital platforms for you.


Conversion APIs


This covers repairs and updates. and may be more/less depending on how much data we use.

Other Services

If you were looking for something and didn't see it, we probably do it, but forgot to add it to the list when we were building this page.


Here's a list of other things we do, and to be honest, we're still probably forgetting things:


  • Brand Positioning & Messaging Strategies

  • Custom Audience Building

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) calculations

  • Ad Hoc Research Projects

  • Go To Market (GTM) Plans

  • and much more...

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