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About us.

Tyler Harman, our Chief Rad Dad, founder and client-facing part of the company, was a flying aircrew instructor on the E-3 AWACS out of Tinker AFB here in OKC.

He was in charge of in-air surveillance and aircraft tracking for many types of missions all over the world, including providing protection for Air Force One (code name: Operation Noble Eagle), humanitarian missions, and counter-drug operations in South America.

After picking himself up an Okie wife, Becky, they lived out West for a few years before coming back to their roots in Edmond. 


We opened up our marketing shop, Rad Dad OKC, focusing on growing local businesses in the area, but the thing that's the most rewarding is working with local veterans organizations here in Oklahoma. We really want this to be a big deal.

We've been doing this work for many years before, but the official Rad Dad brand was created after the birth of our son Cooper in 2019. 


We cut our teeth on the high-tech digital marketing world in Los Angeles working with hundreds of tech startups and countless movie studios, where we learned all the newest tools and tricks in advertising. 


We had the privilege of working with the sharpest minds in the world, speaking at new cutting-edge marketing technology conferences...


... and now we've brought our bag of tricks back home to grow the businesses of the people we love and respect.

Our marketing philosophy.

Genuine customer understanding.

Real connection starts with knowing your customers deeply. We move beyond superficial tactics, and create messages that genuinely resonate and engage with your customers.

Navigating digital complexities.

Mastering digital campaigns is essential today. We navigate the digital landscape, ensuring your investment reaches real people, not just digital ghosts.

Strategic media placement.

Be where your customers are. Whether it’s TV, radio, Facebook, Google, anywhere. And once you're there, consistency and frequency make all the difference in impactful marketing.

Blending "tradition" with innovation.

In a digital world, old school wisdom and new tech blend perfectly. We fuse tried-and-true methods with modern tools for powerful, comprehensive marketing.


We've taken what we've learned working in the high-tech world of startups, and brought those tricks to local business. During the pandemic, we started working with local businesses on the verge of closing their doors, and helped them thrive! 


With small ad budgets at first, we proved the campaigns worked, then stepped on the gas to drive their sales.​ It feels good to help grow these businesses!

We're not just tracking clicks either. We were tracking real transactions inside the restaurants, real leads converting into real pieces of business. 

We use the same exact kind of tools that new tech startups use to measure things like app installs and online activity, but here, we use it to track converted leads, and real in-store paying customers, making sure every single dollar is spent in the right place.

& Profitability

Helped countless local businesses and startups figure out their message, increase sales, and increase their profits.



Helped two different startups go from small companies to booming hundred-million dollar brands.

Capital Raised

Helped over a dozen startups successfully raise over $100MM in funding via equity crowdfunding and venture capital.

What’s our specialty? Building brands from the ground up.

We have clients in just about every industry you can think of: local business, tech, entertainment, e-commerce, crowdfunding, artificial intelligence, we do it all. 

​When it comes to building hundred million dollar brands, among the obvious things like a valuable product and a resourceful team, you need a vision, a strategy, and plenty of patience.


And most importantly, the ability to remain profitable. Which is something we pay a great deal of attention to!
We live and breathe by the success of our clients, spend most of our time  obsessing about performance and watching the bottom line. But, we have high standards. We only take on new business we believe in, we only work with organizations whose values and priorities align with ours, and we only hire “A Players”. 

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