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Veteran Owned
Family Owned

Let's grow your business together.


Tried and true marketing and advertising methods, with a cutting-edge, high-tech twist.

What we do.

We are a full-service ad agency, but you can also pick and choose the services you need, with transparent, up-front pricing.

Paid Social Media & Search
Broadcast TV & Radio
Digital TV (CTV & OTT)
SiriusXM, Spotify & Pandora
Billboards (Static & Digital)
Website Banners (Display)
YouTube Advertising
Podcasts Sponsorships
Reddit & Quora
Amazon Shopping
Copywriting & PR Releases
Social Media & Engagement
Content Marketing & SEO
Video & Image Production
Web Design & Development
CRMs, Databases & Automation
Email & SMS Campaigns
Tech Stack Implementation
Landing Page Testing & Design
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Data & Analytics
Custom Reporting & Analytics
Google Analytics (GA4)
Event Tracking Setup
Mixpanel Implementation
Heatmaps & Recordings
Apps & Mobile Measurement
Conversion APIs
Audience Building
Consumer Behavior & Funnels
Lifetime Value Analysis
Local Businesses
Healthcare, Personal & Home Services
Restaurants, Retailers, Automotive
Real Estate, Fitness, Pet Care
Education, Hospitality, Events
Film & Entertainment
FinTech, Ecommerce & DTC
Lead Gen, B2B & SaaS
Climate & Sustainability
Fundraising Campaigns

"We are salespeople first and foremost, not just advertisers writing in a bubble. We’ve heard the word "no" a million times, done the cold calls, and had the door slammed in our faces."

Tyler Harman signature

CEO & Chief Rad Dad

We know the difference between genuine value and empty promises. We’ve run our own businesses, celebrated our victories, and learned from our failures.

Our company is founded by a veteran who flew on the AWACS out of Tinker AFB here in OKC, serving two different Presidents and other high-value assets, where failure just wasn’t an option.

We've taken those same values and brought them into our business. We are constantly improving, mastering new tech tools to track and measure sales and other conversions, ensuring we delivery real results that matter.

Our core values.

These are the values we hold dear and operate by every day of our lives, in our business life, our personal life, and our family life. 

Relationships first.

In everything we do, relationships come first. Strong, lasting relationships are our foundation. Trust, collaboration, and mutual respect drive our every move. Together, we build a future that’s prosperous and sustainable. We believe in nurturing connections that stand the test of time.

Act with honor.

Our path is guided by honor. We deal from the top of the deck, always honest, respectful, and loyal. Honor is our guiding star, ensuring we do what’s right, not what’s easy. This integrity fosters trust and enduring partnerships. We build a legacy of reliability and respect.

Driven by innovation.

We’re always evolving, learning new tricks, tools, and testing the latest innovations. We never settle; we strive for excellence. Embracing the Zen of being “empty cups,” we’re open to new knowledge and innovation. This relentless drive ensures we deliver cutting-edge solutions and exceptional value.

Hundred million dollar brands.

You heard us, we've built hundred-million dollar brands before, and we'll do it again. We cut our teeth in the world of tech startups over the last few years, and we've  been a part of several small businesses at the very beginning and helped grow them into giant brands.
How do we do it?
By focusing on the brand, its value, its customers, and saying something interesting. Not empty "ad talk". We experiment with different messaging, different offers, different creative, different ad channels and media mixes. Through testing, we find what works and what doesn't, we triple check our math, ditch the rest, and keep our foot on the gas. 

Let's go!

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